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Behind ASEA redox technology: Helping our cells do what they were born to do

Every day of your life, your body's cells communicate with one another. It's what keeps our systems functioning at their peak vitality. Over time, this cell signaling can die down with age, as well as with environmental stressors and physical activity. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

It's the vision behind ASEA's redox technology–– finding something that could signal our cells to fire at full power. And ASEA is the first to put it in a bottle.

That breakthrough was only possible thanks to hardworking and brilliant innovators coming together. And our commitment to scientific integrity remains strong, years later. We're proud to offer supplements that affect health all the way down to the genetic level—letting those genes fulfill their greatest potential*. Which translates to human beings fulfilling theirs.

Now introducing

Powered by Redox™ products

ASEA began with its flagship redox products, the ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement and RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel.

We've only continued the momentum since. Now, we've reformulated our RENUAdvanced Skin Care System and developed a new Cell Performance supplement line. Both lean on Powered by Redox principles to complement our original redox line, delivering at least one of the following:

  • Gene regulation to manage oxidative stress and defend cells from damage
  • Cell protection to protect and power biochemical reactions
  • Cell repair and recovery to uphold cellular balance and integrity
  • Adaptive response to help cells deal with external stressors and stimuli

Every one of our Powered by Redox products supports a balanced redox homeostasis behind optimal cellular health*. Powered by Redox, powering you.

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Redox bottle

Science made us possible, and it forever fuels us

Human energy, vitality, and well-being is our ultimate goal—and the path there is paved by an absolute scientific commitment. We review and test every one of our products every step of the way, from inception to impact. On top of meeting FDA requirements for quality testing, we also enlist a third-party laboratory to test and ensure absolute quality so we can be confident in every batch.

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We’ll never stop innovating, or validating as we go

Science serves as our path to expanding human health, which is why we work so hard to understand and validate the results people experience with ASEA products. With every proper clinical trial conducted by impartial third parties, we’re able to underscore the incredible impact of redox technology in people’s lives.

Athlete Kendra Chambers

Kendra Chambers

Track & field champion

ASEA and athletes

Reaching for the top

"I have seen major results in my recovery. For example, after taking ASEA REDOX I recover faster from my workouts and races, especially if it's a hot day or I'm extremely tired."


The ASEA Redox
Center reflects our
high standards

The best products can only result from the finest facilities

ASEA customers and associates depend on us to deliver redox technology powering their personal health and possibilities as people, spouses, parents, professionals, and community members.

The ASEA Redox Center

Pleasant Grove, Utah

Beaker in hand

That's how the 41,000 square foot ASEA Redox Center, our custom-built production and testing facility, came to be. Here, every detail of product production, testing, and even shipping can take place under the watchful quality assurance the ASEA family deserves. From our water purification to our bottling methods, testing practices, and everything in between, the Redox Center sets a high bar while meeting heavy demand.

This state-of-the-art facility meets every certification requirement and then some. This includes FDA registration, NSF registration, GMP compliance, and Halal certifications. That's in addition to the voluntary quality testing at two third-party global laboratories, GLU and BQC, Redox Technologies. We send one out of every four batches.

We're a wellness company founded on—and fueled by—human potential. Based in Utah and spanning worldwide, ASEA is a pioneering leader in cellular health. ASEA is the first to bring to market revolutionary redox signaling molecules, helping your cells work together as they're meant to do. ASEA prides itself on strengthening people, one product and one possibility at a time.

We power potential™

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This material is intended for a US audience only.

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